Kevin P Reddy | Co-Founder | CEO

Kevin is a seasoned digital strategy + innovation + transformation leader, senior advisor to venture funded startups, Fortune 500 C-suite, PE/VC portfolio leadership with Tech IB, M&A and transformation consulting experience at leading top-tier consulting firms Accenture, Booz & Co, and PwC. Kevin is also a global venture growth catalyst, angel investor, board member, advisor, mentor at venture backed disruptive emerging tech startups, innovation incubators, accelerators, and smart digital hubs across various leading startup innovation clusters worldwide.

Tyler P Mongan | Co-Founder | CLO

Tyler is an experienced leadership facilitator + neuroscience-based strategic foresight & Innovation process architect + business-relevant flow-state researcher + global speaker.  He works with Fortune 500 Company innovation, foresight, and HR functions to develop results-driven, step-by-step innovation and foresight processes and facilitates next generation Leadership development for executive teams globally.  He is an active member of DMDU (Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty) Society developing guidelines for rating the climate and disaster risk of long-term investments and projects. Tyler speaks at conferences & board meetings on the business relevant application of neuroscience, consciousness research, and heart-brain communication.