Futures Intelligent Leadership Training

Neuroscience-Based Strategic Foresight for Future-Ready Leadership

Learn How to Apply Neuroscience-based Foresight to Anticipate, Strategize and Actualize Futures.

usiness leadership has two important jobs (1) Governance and compliance to keep their business function intact and working and, (2) Foresight and Vision to keep their teams headed in the right direction.

With an uncertain, complex and exponentially changing business landscape, it is essential for leadership to increase their cognitive skills for future thinking, practice continued foresight, and utilize relevant foresight to inform vision and strategy to help achieve organization goals.

The Futures Intelligent Leadership Program is an Integrated, immersive, neuroscience-based & wisdom-tested experience for individuals, teams, and organizations that are committed to developing peak performance, learning practical methodology, and expanding collective capability for foresight and future-readiness

What You Will Experience

HA:KU Global’s Futures Intelligent Leadership training is an experiential workshop for individuals, teams, and organizations. Participants expand cognitive skills to develop their own strategic foresight experiments relevant to current organization challenges. The course provides new mindsets, cutting-edge tools, proven strategies, and future ready leadership skills to navigate an uncertain, complex and exponentially changing world.

Pre-training preparation includes the theory and practice of neuroscience-based strategic foresight. During the program, experiential and interactive methods bring the future into the present as participants apply their new knowledge and skills to discover actionable innovations, develop novel scenarios, and increase confidence and future-readiness. Post training anchors core mindsets and skills and ensures continued integration and learning.

The Futures Intelligent Leadership Program Trains Participants to:

Previous Clients and Attendees Include:

“Great review of previous concepts, with a revealing, interesting and challenging twist.” :: CEO, Great Place To Work (Greater China & Hong Kong)
“The experience supported a group of Change Champions to look at a problem from a very different perspective. The approach helped us to identify ideas and develop them into thought through solutions at a level of detail not normally achieved.” :: HR Director, Rolls Royce, UK
“The most valuable aspect of this training is its coherent and strong combination of scientific, business, & leadership theories and applications.” “It was simple and very practical, and more so imparts a technique for influencing others while actually attuning to yourself.” :: Head of Brand & Creative Solutions, Google Asia 

Who Should Attend?

If you are a C-Suite leader, manager, key stakeholder, board member, investor, startup executive, policy maker, or anyone involved with understanding and developing vision, foresight, innovation and strategy, then this program can benefit you.

This training up-skills individuals interested in improving market intelligence, self-awareness and cognitive ability to think about futures, vision development and alignment, strategy and policy planning, risk and opportunity assessment, Innovation, future-readiness, stakeholder engagement, authentic communication that inspires collective action, sustained peak performance to achieve goals, and future signals and trend analysis.

Futures Intelligent Leadership Trainings Launch Globally in 2020. Contact us to find out details.