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HA:KU Leadership™

HA:KU Leadership™
Development Suite

Integrated, personalized, experiential, scientific and
wisdom tested approach to lead the future.

HA:KU Leadership trainings focus on customized Peak Transformation Journey (PTJ)s using modules that are aligned with individual role, board and organizational level strategic and growth objectives. Self-Aware Intelligence, Flow Intelligence, Collective Intelligence, Futures Intelligence, Digital Intelligence, & Global Intelligence.

HA:KU Facilitated Leadership SPRINTS™

Science-Based Facilitations & Innovation Rich Experiences

Harness leadership knowledge and energy to solve deep and complex problems of the emerging future. Our proprietary sprint process helps teams rapidly explore, develop, prototype and test Innovations and futures utilizing the cognitive and emotional intelligence of collaborators.

// DESIGNED FOR LEADERS: Custom designed to deliver high-impact and consistent results for time-constrained, high-performance leadership teams.

// WISDOM-TESTED PROCESS: Compress months of time into One to Three Day Sprints utilize “best practices” that have been tested in real-world experiences with teams globally

// REAL-WORLD RESULTS: Employ the 20% of practices that gets 80% of the results and integrate them into daily operations. 



Future Intelligent Leadership™

What does it mean for leadership to be smart about the future given uncertainty, complexity and exponential changes?

We have interviewed experts around the globe to answer the question. We then integrated their expertise and proven practices with our own researched-based cognitive architecture to develop the leadership frameworks, mindsets, performance metrics and principles to Lead The Future.

Discover the latest in Future Intelligent Leadership from the HAKU Global bi-monthly Flowcast, soon to be launched book, and Neuroscience-based Foresight Training Programs